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Built of a Fascination that abounds in delight and the moon lit suspension of lilt. Welcoming the moon over again in light with mystery. Awarded of uses grand and elegant he fell with,beneath and before the waves. Coming before no end and within the glowing fornication of light given to lightning. the Occasion was brightening, Of Violet confiscation in earnest and because.

You may have thought your fight beyond, and there stood a mountain, a mountain in an abyss, a whispered promise, a Forever mentioned carelessly to a child. Here we found ourselves together, Aware, unhinged by night , unknown at mornings lift, silly and unexpected. Lost out the window, Enchanted.

It was in this place where our eyes met. where I told you I was in love. Believe me Motherfucker I'm in LOve. When you lost your keys in the garden. When you thought you met the end of your dream. When you woke under the water. I am in LOVE. 



It was there in the mean streets falling against the walls, unheard. unknown, unwitnessed, Bellowing to the fuzzy fronds of drunken obscured light. Trusted with the escape of humanities telling. Given to magic over long stares pulling beyond the horizon.

We had Become, you had listened and as your ears took the sound we both ignited.

Below ancient words. In the root of the heart of darkness clarified. It's happening, I declare! I will and must, I have, and there was no shame. There was no time of iteration in the pulp of folly cast like the broken form of savored fruit. Only The excess of living memory compelled to rise. Transcendence and all it's claims humbled as I fought my way in on a Third of an Ovary.

And her blessed Hazel eyes declared a King.      


-This guy over here